Friday, January 9, 2015

One Third of the way there

I am happy to have come up with one painting per day for the last 10 days.  Now I have 20 days to go to complete my challenge and I have not run out of farmyard ideas.  These paintings are done in two sizes.  One size is 7.5 inch by 11 inch which  when matted will fit into a standard 11 inch by 14 inch frame.   The other size is 11 inch by  15 inch which when matted will fit into a standard 16 inch by 20 inch frame.


  1. Your love of animals is evident in your work. Great job!

  2. My favorites are the cow in the lower left, the piggy on the upper middle, and the cow in the middle left. In each of them it's the eyes that draw me, and the pig in particular has a real soul to me. I'd love to see one or more lambs/sheep!