Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Pink got no game....

Baby Pink is new to the playground. She is that awkward stage: no eyelashes, no udders, no lipstick and no boyfriend.  What's a girl to do??  The other kids are telling her it is just a matter of time.  Let's go play in the mud they say. So they started a game of Frisbee using the mud-pies they found along the way to the playground. 


  1. Love Baby Pink's sweet face and eyes. Your colors are wonderful. I'm taking a fast sketching class using markers, pens, inks and watercolors. First time to use watercolors, and I'm loving it. Aspire to paint animal portraits, and yours is a fine one to study!! Thanks.

    1. Thank you GlennF, I love doing watercolor and most of these paintings are from just 3 colors. I get the variation from how I mix them. Baby Pink is one of my favs. Keep painting and have fun.