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When I paint, no matter what the subject matter is, I always strive to paint with loose, expressive brush strokes, using bold, vivid colors and a sense of humor. I work very spontaneously, mostly in mixed aqua media on paper because I like the way the paint flows and I like the transparency of the colors resulting in an organic piece. I constantly experiment with colors, techniques and subjects.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doodle Doo

I am officially switching over to chickens and roosters.  It doesn't mean there won't be an occasional cow or bull or calf in the mix but I need to fill the barn or hen  house with some new faces.  This guy is done on a much larger piece of paper than the cows.  It is 15 by 22 inches which is 4 times larger than most of the cows I have done.  Arches watercolor paper and professional grade paints as always.  Rise and shine...


  1. Thank you Patti.. Wait till you see the chickens coming up.