Friday, January 1, 2016

Hidden Heart - Day Two

Among all of the puzzle pieces you will be sure to find tinsel, texture and a secret heart trying to peek out and wishing to dance in the street.


  1. I LOVE this painting!!!!! My girls and I do a lot of puzzles during Christmas vacation, so that puzzle pieces get me right away, the colors are beautiful, and I LOVE the heart getting ready to jump out dancing!!!! Thank you for sharing your painting!! Karen Kangas

  2. Thank you. I was talking to a friend who also does a lot of puzzles and we talked about how there are so many ways to approach doing a puzzle and everyone has their own style. That got me to thinking about how universal doing puzzles is and so my theme for my January 30 in 30 was born. 28 to go. Don't know what will come to mind. LOL